Choosing a New Colour Scheme for Your Bathroom

Colour schemes for bathrooms are subject to swings and changes, as anyone who has ever lived in a house with a pastel yellow 1970s bathroom or a peach 1980s bathroom can attest. Having a bathroom colour scheme that is dated can lower the resale value of your home as well as making it harder to find tenants in a rental. Here are some tips. 

Alternate colours

While having a bathroom that is all one colour can be very on trend one year, you may end up feeling that the bathroom looks a little dated over time. You can break up this effect by alternating colours within a tonal scheme or using the colour that you love as an accent rather than tiling the whole bathroom in that colour. It's also worth remembering that it's generally much easier to change cupboards and benchtops on the vanity than to change tiling and plumbing fixtures. Have a look at options for using smaller amounts of vibrant colours and textures in your bathroom for maximum effect. 

Add textures 

If you want to keep your bathroom neutral but don't want it to be boring, adding the right textural elements, such as metallic features, can be a classic way to add more pop. Generally, shinier textures such as polished metals can be more challenging to keep looking clean (as they quickly show up fingerprints, soap scums and product residue) while duller textures tend to be easier to clean. Reflective surfaces can bring more light into smaller bathrooms and make them look bigger, so the right texture is a matter of both preference and the size and locations of the bathroom you are remodelling.

Contemplate how to clean 

While having a light coloured bathroom with tiles and glassed shower screens can make a small bathroom feel a little less poky, these colours can get a little grubby easily. Look for some other options such as having some extra texture in wall tiles and slightly darker floor tiling to get the same effect without as much risk of the bathroom looking grubby and marked after each use. 

If you are looking at remodelling your bathroom it can be a great idea to spend some time looking around a bathroom showroom and getting some specialist advice from experienced sales people. They can help to match you with products that meet your needs, as well as looking modern and stylish.