Shopping for the right kitchen splashback

A kitchen splashback occupies the wall space above the cooktop or sink and serves to protect the wall from grease, oil, splashes among other kitchen stains that occur when you're preparing food in the kitchen. The question is, with a wide variety of materials, patterns, colours and finishes to choose from, how do you select the right splashback for your kitchen? Here are 5 tips to help make kitchen splashback shopping a walk in the park.

Benchtop Matching

Prior to choosing a given splashback, you should first choose your kitchen benchtops. The reason for this is there are limited options available when shopping for benchtops. Choosing the benchtop first allows you to settle on a splashback that bodes well with your chosen benchtop.

Price tag

Similar to all kitchen elements, splashback materials come as either high-end or low-end. In this regard, you need to plan for this investment in order to create a budget that will allow you to choose a splashback that goes well with the surrounding kitchen space as well as your individual tastes. Top end splashbacks include stainless steel and glass while acrylic is a popular budget friendly option.

Colour and design

Selecting the right colour and design for your kitchen splashback is certainly the fun part of this whole shopping experience. Of course, your colour choice will depend on the splashback material as well as whether you settled for bold or neutral benchtops. You can be bold by choosing a splash of spicy red, hot pink, mint green or powerful purple. Alternatively, you can be sleek by settling for black, red or charcoal. If you prefer a traditional look, you can pick wood or plain glass. You can work with an interior designer to help you pick a complementary colour and design that highlights your kitchen design.


The types of kitchen splashbacks available today on the market are as ingenious as ever. Custom prints, feature prints and pictures on glass are taking the design world by storm and can afford your kitchen a major boost as far as style goes. If you can afford it, pick a custom splashback material that transforms your kitchen from a mere work surface to an artistic hub.


You want a kitchen splashback that you can clean effortlessly. Although tiles look stunning, cleaning them may be difficult. On the other hand, a slab of stainless steel, glass or acrylic are easier to clean but attract stains more easily. All in all, consult with the retailer on the best way to clean and maintain your preferred kitchen splashback.