How to Choose the Right Window Treatment for Your Home

Window treatments are actually more important for a home than you may realize; they not only block the sun from coming through the windows, but they also add style, warmth and charm to a home. You might compare them to accessories that finish an outfit and make it look complete. When you're ready to shop for window treatments, note a few simple but important tips to remember.

For smaller spaces

Even if you can have curtains without them getting in the way of furniture and foot traffic, these window treatments can often seem too big and overwhelming for a small room. Indoor blinds, shades and shutters are usually a better choice. If you must have curtains in your smaller space, opt for straight, square panels that look more compact; choose a thinner material that is also more proportionate to the room.

For maximum control over light

Roller shades that open at the top and bottom of the window can give you maximum control over the light in the room; you can open them at the top for some sunlight, while blocking direct light at the bottom of the window when needed.

If you need something to actually block out all light, avoid shutters, as even the highest quality brands will still allow light to come through their slats. Thin curtains will also allow in light, even if they're a dark color. Look for blackout shades and blinds instead; these will be made of a thick fabric that is meant to block light completely. As shades are meant to fit your window frame exactly, there is little to no risk of sunlight getting past them along the sides, tops or bottoms of the windows, giving you maximum darkness.

For convenience

Roller shades or curtains on a remote control with a motorized function can be much more convenient than shutters you can only work manually. If you find that you often need to get up and adjust the window treatments because of how the sun moves across a window, or because you get easily bothered by too much sun and warm air, opt for something motorized. Some can be worked from another room or a smartphone app, so you can close the window treatments in the baby's room when you hear him or her fussing or close window treatments in other rooms when the sun goes down and you want to ensure privacy in the house.