Avoid These Common Mistakes When Choosing Curtains for Your Home

Curtains are often a good choice versus blinds, shades, and other window treatments, as the fabric of curtains can make a room seem cosier and more relaxing. Fabric can also muffle sound from inside and outside the home, and insulate the home as well. However, it can be difficult to choose the best curtains for your home since there are so many different options for both the size and pattern. To ensure you opt for curtains you truly love in your home, note a few common mistakes to avoid when shopping.

Going too big

Big, billowy curtains may make a space seem grand and a bit regal, but they can also easily overpower a room and seem out of place. To avoid getting curtains that are too big, note the focal point of a room. Is it the entertainment centre, the bed, or a fireplace? If so, you want smaller curtains that don't compete for attention. However, if the windows have a beautiful view or let in lots of sunlight and you want to draw attention to that area of the room, choose larger curtains that catch the eyes.

Going too small

Curtains that are too small may seem out of place in a larger room with bigger furniture, and when placed against a larger window. Ask yourself if the furniture in a room would be considered larger than average, such as having a king-sized bed rather than queen-sized, or an overstuffed leather sectional sofa rather than a medium-sized couch and chair. If the furniture in the room is considered larger, you want larger curtains that will seem more proportionate to that space.

Choosing patterned

Curtains with a pattern or colour can add style to an otherwise drab room; however, that pattern or colour can also easily clash with your furniture. To avoid this, study the pattern or colour of your upholstered furniture or bed linens and then opt for curtains that are in a plain colour, without stripes or other decorative features, and that is a few shades different than the furniture. This can mean tan curtains behind dark brown furniture, or dark slate grey curtains in a room with light grey furniture.

For rooms with wood furniture such as the dining area, you can choose curtains with a pattern and bold colour as they're not likely to clash with that furniture. Do the same for curtains in a foyer, where you need to add a nice splash of colour and style and want to create a dramatic effect with your window treatments.