Simple Hacks for Creating Storage in a Built-In Wardrobe

A built-in wardrobe is a great choice for any bedroom, and especially one without a closet, as it provides lots of hidden space for clothes and shoes and all your accessories. However, as convenient as they are, a built-in wardrobe may need some added features and fixes, to ensure you're using every square inch or centimetre of available space it offers. To keep your built-in wardrobe organized while still ensuring no part of it goes to waste, note a few simple tips and hacks you might try:

Shoe cubbyholes

Many built-in wardrobes will have shelves for shoes, but take stock of those rows of your footwear and note if there is wasted space above each pair. A better option than racks would be cubbyholes; you can stack shoes on top of each other, putting the top shoe upside down, in these cubbyholes, so no space is wasted. Larger shoes may get their own cubbyhole, but by using this type of compact shelving, you can usually store more shoes in the wardrobe than with simple racks. If you don't have enough shoes to fill all those cubbyholes, use the empty ones for storing smaller handbags, scarves and other winter accessories, or even thin sweaters you can roll up to fit the space.

Front of the door

The front of the wardrobe door can hold a hanger with your outfit for the next day, but you may hesitate to add a hook to the outside of the door, as it may make it look unsightly, especially when you don't need to hang something from it. A good trick is to hang a hook on the inside of the door, but upside down. Loop a long, strong ribbon or piece of string from that hook, hanging it over the top and front of the door. You can put your hanger on that string or ribbon in front of the door; when you have nothing to hang up, loop the ribbon inside the door, out of sight.

Row of hooks inside the door

Hanging something inside the built-in wardrobe door is good, but hanging just one hanger inside that door means wasted space! Install a row of hooks, or stagger hooks so that some are lower than others. You can then hang up multiple outfits, blouses, shirts, or accessories; this allows you to see each item individually and keeps them from creating a pile of clothes that is so deep that the door won't close properly.