Things to Consider When Choosing a Roller Blind

There are outdoor and indoor roller blinds. Roller blinds are available in various colours and sizes. Roller blinds can be day blinds, blackout blinds or transparent blinds. They can also include fly screens to prevent insects from entering your property.

Interior roller blinds

Interior rollers blinds can be operated by a pull chain, a remote or a push button. These blinds can feature a plastic or stainless-steel chain. There are also options for child-locking chains to reduce the risk of injury.

Depending on the materials used, interior roller blinds can have insulating properties. This can reduce your household bills through the reduction of heat loss from your property. Roller blinds can also be made from materials that are flame retardant so that the spread of fire is reduced. Additionally, some materials can resist fading over time, allowing the colour of your blinds to be maintained.

Roller blinds can be washable; check the instructions provided with your blind. Roller blinds can also prevent UV rays from entering your property, reducing the colour fading of furniture and protecting your skin. Blackout roller blinds block any sunlight from entering your property when they are fully closed, making the room entirely dark.

Exterior roller blinds

There are outdoor roller blinds available. These blinds can also prevent heat loss from your property and prevent heat and cold air from entering your home. Exterior roller blinds can also reduce the effects of UV rays. Additionally, they are also effective at withstanding weather effects, and they can last a long time.

Installing your roller blind

Roller blinds can be fitted inside or outside of your window frames. You can decide which method you prefer. Before purchasing, measure the height and width of your window frame. If you cannot find a blind that fits, do not purchase a smaller one. You can obtain a larger one and trim it down to fit. Place the blind in front of the window to find where you need to install the blind. Choose which side you would like to place the chain. Additionally, the roller blind can roll over or under the roller mechanism; you can select your preference.

Fit the brackets to the wall using a drill. Fix the blind into the brackets. Ensure that you read the instructions provided with your blind, as the directions can differ slightly. You can then join the chain to the wall with screws.