Tips for Selecting a Perfect Mesh for Your Security Screens

Would you like to add security to your home? One of the best ways to accomplish this is to pick heavy-duty mesh for entryway doors and window screens. In most cases, the standard mesh often used for many screen doors and window screens are lightweight and completely easy to cut or bend – this means it doesn't add much protection or security to a home. Since security screens come with a wide range of mesh choices, it's advisable to opt for a mesh that suits your needs. This will help keep the house secure and safe, and all occupants (including visitors) will feel comfortable.

This post shall share various tips on how to pick the right mesh for your security screen doors and security window screens.


One of the materials you will come across while searching for a security screen mesh is stainless steel. While it's strong and durable, and nearly impossible to cut using shears or other similar tools, this material is prone to corrosion of rust. Therefore, it's advisable to opt for zinc-plated steel since zinc is capable of resisting corrosion and can offer steel the protection it requires from rust. Note that zinc is shiny by nature, so a zinc-plated screen will be attractive, durable and sturdy.


Now that you have selected a suitable material for your mesh, the next step is the fabrication of the mesh. Usually, there are two main ways of creating a metal mesh screen; weaving or punching. When a screen is punched, it begins with a solid piece and a machine is then used to literally punch holes throughout the surface, hence creating the mesh. On the other hand, a woven screen is made strands of a soft metal which are woven to make the mesh.

These two types of mesh are durable and strong, so be sure to note the design as you make your choice. Typically, a woven mesh is square or diamond-shaped while punched machines create honeycombs, circles and the like. Design choice is very important – diamonds can seem slightly industrial and drab while a rectangular design is more perfect for a modern home; it makes the screen look wider and taller. Compared to honeycombs and diamonds, circles are often smaller making it hard for a child to slide their fingers through. This makes the circles design an excellent choice for those who have kids in their homes. Remember to also consider the weather conditions in your area before choosing the screen mesh design.