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Things to Consider When Choosing a Roller Blind

There are outdoor and indoor roller blinds. Roller blinds are available in various colours and sizes. Roller blinds can be day blinds, blackout blinds or transparent blinds. They can also include fly screens to prevent insects from entering your property. Interior roller blinds Interior rollers blinds can be operated by a pull chain, a remote or a push button. These blinds can feature a plastic or stainless-steel chain. There are also options for child-locking chains to reduce the risk of injury. Read More 

3 Reasons Why You Need Custom Roller Blinds in Your Retail Business

Roller blinds are not suitable window treatments for homes only—they are ideal for businesses as well. Unlike sheers and curtains, blinds are easy to clean and maintain. Additionally, they come in a variety of materials, and you get to choose one that is highly durable and suitable for commercial use. If you need window treatments that match the colors of your business or brand logo, you can get custom roller blinds from the numerous colors available. Read More 

Simple Hacks for Creating Storage in a Built-In Wardrobe

A built-in wardrobe is a great choice for any bedroom, and especially one without a closet, as it provides lots of hidden space for clothes and shoes and all your accessories. However, as convenient as they are, a built-in wardrobe may need some added features and fixes, to ensure you're using every square inch or centimetre of available space it offers. To keep your built-in wardrobe organized while still ensuring no part of it goes to waste, note a few simple tips and hacks you might try: Read More 

Top Benefits of Installing Aluminium-Zinc Coated Steel Splashbacks

The most common materials used for splashbacks are porcelain and ceramic due to their wide availability. If you would like your kitchen to have a unique appearance, you may want to consider metal splashbacks. Steel is a preferred choice when manufacturing these splashbacks, but you would have to be wary of the risk of corrosion over time. To counter rust, aluminium zinc (AZ) plating is a measure that manufacturers take to ensure the longevity of their steel splashbacks. Read More 

Handy Tips to Buying Your First Carpet

Carpeting is one of the easiest ways to spruce up your floor while adding some character to your interior. The reasons why carpets remain a staple in households is because they are one of the most economical flooring options you could consider. Moreover, they come in a wide assortment of styles to ensure you find the perfect fit for your taste. However, the process of selecting a carpet should not simply be guided by what you are attracted too. Read More